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Trax Gallery 2012 - Two Person Exhibition

Title: Separate Practices From a Common Studio

This is the first in a series of three Two-Person exhibitions from the Matthew Metz and Linda Sikora studio - also called The Metz/Sikora Pottery. While the studio has presented duo exhibitions before - this is the first run of three. The next two are scheduled for 2013 and 2014. The Trax 2012 show is a reminder of how it makes sense to align processes and synchronize the flow of work in a shared space. The rhythms of raw material preparation, wet work, glaze cycles and firing cycles are coordinated to share resources and energy. Details of the fabrication processes are individuated but raw material preparation and firing the wood kiln requires a team of two. The work is made in very close proximity. Compelling is the way in which the cooperative situation is read:both in how the work relates and in how utterly distinct it remains.

The images of the Gallery were taken and sent by Trax. Installation was 'revolving'. The work was moved daily to accommodate requests of clients viewing and purchasing pieces. In this sense - the exhibition installation was fluid with each piece autonomously committed to its goal of 'moving' into and becoming culture.

(December 2012)